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  • Graphene tunes in to terahertz radiation

    Graphene tunes in to terahertz radiation

    Graphene responds strongly to light at terahertz frequencies and this could be fine-tuned to make practical devices. That is the conclusion of researchers in the US who believe that their findings could help lead to graphene finding use in a wide range of applications that include medical More


Eyevis EC-70-LWXT-CP 70 inch 1920 x 1200 LED Cube Pixel Cross Prism DVI

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Eyevis EC-70-LWXT-CP.pdf

With the new EC-LED cube series, eyevis presents a revolution in the
fields of modular video walls. The displays are available in different sizes and resolutions. Besides native HD-resolution (1,920 x 1,080 px) and SXGA+ (1,400 x 1,050 px), this new technology will also be available in WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 px) in 16:10 image format. With this world’s first rear-projection cube with LED light source, eyevis has set a milestone. The cube is designed for sophisticated 24/7 applications. The technology is based on the DLPTM (Digital Light Processing)-technology by Texas Instruments.
This leading display technology allows the display of high-resolution
images in best image quality. The cubes were developed according to
the requirements in areas with difficult lighting conditions and other security relevant conditions. The MTBF of the LED’s averages 55,000 hours according to the manufacturer. Thanks to the LED-technology, the use of consumables such as lamps and colour wheels can be avoided, therefore operating and maintenance costs could be more than halved.

Also known as: EC 70 LWXT , EC70LWXTCP, EC 70 LWXT CP

Interest form
Outdoor use : No
Permanent Installation : Yes
Analog video input (AV,Component) : 2 Inputs,optional with Scaler Board: 2x RGB, 2x DVI, 2x Composite Video
Multiviewer, PIP : No
Balanced Audio Input (XLR) : No
HDMI,DVI Input : 1 Input,optional with Scaler Board: 2x RGB, 2x DVI, 2x Composite Video
Weight : 100 Kg
Monitor size : 70 Inches
3D Support : No
HD-SDI Input : No
Ethernet, GigE (RJ45) : No
SD-SDI Input : No
USB connector : No
Vandal Proof : No
Max brightness : 179 cd/m² (max. 224 cd/m2)
Touch screen : No
RS232/422 connector : Yes
Monitor type : LED Cube

Eyevis EYE-LCD-4600-NB
46 inches Full-HD LCD Monitor with optical enhanced treatment
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Eyevis EYE-LCD-4200-24NB
42 inch No-Burn monitor, Modular version - stackable -
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Marshall V-LCD51-CM
5 inches Monitor Pre-Installed Canon BP-970G Battery Adaptor
List price: 581,67€

DataVideo TLM-404H
19 inches Rack Mountable Bank of 4 x 4 inches LCD Monitors.
Price: Contact us

Marshall V-LCD51-BP511-BK
5 inches Monitor Pre-installed w/ Canon BP-511 Battery Kit
List price: 598,33€

Marshall V-LCD51-SL
5 inches Monitor Pre-Installed Sony NP-F970 Battery Adaptor
List price: 581,67€

Eyevis EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2
LCD monitor 46 inch 1366 x 768 Pixel super narrow bezel
Price: Contact us

Marshall V-LCD50-HDI
5 inches Camera Top Monitor with HDMI Input
List price: 748,33€

Marshall V-LCD51-NEL3
5 inches Monitor Pre-Installed Nikon EN-EL3 Battery Adaptor
List price: 581,67€

Eyevis EYE-LCD-4700-24NB
47 inch No-Burn monitor, Modular version - stackable -
Price: Contact us
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