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Sony WRU-806B-38 Modification Kit for WRU-806B/ to TV channel 38-40, complete unit, no modification work needed

• List price: 580.87€
• Our price: 511.17€ (+ VAT)
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Sony WRU-806B-38.pdf

Effective communication requires clean and intelligible audio, free from drop-outs and bursts of noise. The Freedom series WRU-806B series receiver modules were designed as professional receivers, while focusing on the needs of a business operation.

Maximum channels in minimum space, with uncompromising quality and reliability, are offered when WRU-806B series modules are housed within the MB-806A rack mounting frame. The modules can also be inserted into a powered audio/video mixer such as the SRP-X351P or SRP-X700P.

Also known as: WRU806B38, WRU 806B 38

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