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Creating digital guide and holograms - Ionian University

SPECTRAtech SA signed a contract with the Special Account for Research Funds of the Ionian University in the framework of the deliverable P1.8 of sub-project 1 "Creation of digital guide and holograms" of the Operation "Digital Tour Guide Using Augmented Reality and Hologram object".


The aim of the project "Digital Tour Guide using Augmented Reality and Holograms", which is funded by the Operational Program "Ionian Islands 2014-2020" with the Scientific Assistant Professor Ioannis Deligiannis, is to create a complete guide for Corfu town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for use by visitors and residents alike. In its basic function, this innovative tool is designed to provide the user with useful and reliable information, accompanied by high quality audiovisual material for each point of interest.

Through the holographic, digital, 3D prints, designed with the latest technology photogrammetry techniques, the user has the opportunity to know the individual elements that compose the monument in depth and in great detail.

The modeling of points of interest in the form of high quality holograms contributes to the strong innovation of the project as in addition to their recognition at the navigation level allows the user to explore specific aspects of them that can not be observed even if standing near the point.

A typical example of the quality of performance and detail that is achieved, are the images that come from the holographic display and which document the particularly high, detailed and accurate quality of representation.

This initiative is implemented by the Interactive Arts Laboratory (INARTS) of the Ionian University in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu, which will be available free of charge to all user groups (visitors, students, teachers, researchers, tourism professionals, local authorities) , enhances the quality of the information provided to the user and at the same time enables the observation of individual elements, which are not immediately visible and accessible, through the hologram views.

Object of the contract

The purpose of this contract is the supply of all the "electronic equipment" that will be required for the completion of the operation "Digital Browse Guide Using Augmented Reality and Holograms", such as desktops and laptops for data processing and creation applications, photography and video equipment, as well as all the necessary equipment (pyramids, tablets, screens, etc.) to create the pyramids.

Specifically, the contract of the company SPECTRAtech SA with the Special Account of Research Funds of the Ionian University provides the supply of the following:
  1. DRONE
  2. Drone head system
  3. Memory card for DR
  4. ONE 360˚ 5.7K Camera
  5. DSLR Camera
  6. Gaming PC Laptop
  8. Laser video projector
  9. PC
  10. Expansion card for PC
  11. card for PC / MAC
  12. Balanteza
  13. Power strip
  14. Shading system
  15. Monitor / TV
  16. Projection Screen
  17. Projection Screen
  18. Small Pyramids (Mobile Holographic Pyramid Display Projector)
  19. Big Pyramids

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