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e-Aegean CulTour and e-Aegean R&D Network - ELKE University of the Aegean

SPECTRAtech SA collaborates with the Special Account of Research Funds of the University of the Aegean in the framework of the following Institutional Research Infrastructures:

1. Institutional Research Infrastructure "Interregional Digital Transformation of the Aegean Archipelago in Culture and Tourism (e-Aegean CulTour)" which will be developed by 18 laboratories and research teams of departments of the university. Its actions are specialized as follows:

* Identification, Documentation and Monitoring with 3D mapping methods in the Management of Geological Heritage Monuments

* Preservation of Monuments of Historical Interest with advanced materials

* Center for Integrated Digital Cultural Heritage Management in the North and South Aegean

* Digital tourism tank: Experience and Destination Products

* Virtual and Mixed Reality Services

* Digital Repository of the Aegean Refugee and Immigration Crisis Observatory

* Creative Core for Research and Development of 3D Multimedia Exhibition Narration Services

* Art and Participatory Action Network for the development of tourism and culture

* Center for the production and processing of audiovisual material

2. Institutional Research Infrastructure "Aegean Archipelago Research and Technology Network: Enhancing Regional Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Excellence (e-Aegean R&D Network)", which will be developed by 25 laboratories and research teams of the university. Its actions are specialized as follows:

* Interregional Data Center of the University of the Aegean

* Integrated Geospatial Data Services

* E-Observatory of Geospatial Technologies and Analysis for Labor and Sustainability in the Mediterranean European South

* Electronic research infrastructure for the collection and processing of data regarding the research, development, and innovation footprint of the Greek Regions: Patent & RTD index tools

* Digital Knowledge, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centers of North & South Aegean

* Refugee Crisis Knowledge and Action Platform

* Aegean Researchers Career Center

* Aegean Center for Interregional Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

* Center for Smart Blue Development

* Upgrading Lifelong Learning services

* Smart Services for Enrichment of Tourist Experience & Life Learning Activities

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