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Technical Support


The organization, infrastructure, manpower and expertise of SPECTRAtech SA, provide:

Specific studies and integrations
The most suitable system from a list of 20,000 + products
Installation / configuration of the system offered
And full technical support according to the ISO9001: 2000 standard

SPECTRAtech SA ensures the proper operation of your device.

If the device received is not in working properly, the company will repair or replace the device without any additional charge, except as outlined below:

  • Damage caused due to: a) Accident, b) Intervention by the device is not authorized by the company technician, c) Poor transport packing to and from the purchaser, d) Used in place or environment that is not provided or not is by the manufacturer, e) Submission to physical or electrical stress, above the prescribed specifications, f) An error during installation, g) damage from computer viruses programs, h) Fault supplies.
  • Equipment from repair or replacement under the terms of this guarantee is given guarantee of three months for the replaced spare part.
  • Beyond the warranty period, repair is in accordance with the terms of the manufacturer/SPECTRAtech policy
  • Services offered will be guaranteed only after the device is delivered to SPECTRAtech or Repair Centers which has exclusive right to determine where and how to repair the device,and only during the warranty period.
  • To guarantee repair is valind only when the guarrantee documents are confirmed and presented
  • The transfer of the device outside the Attica is handled by the customer at his own expense.

Q. Can I return a device I buy?
A. There is the possibility of returning the device that was obtained within 30 days of receipt. A prerequisite is the device remains intact. Ask for the goods return form before the return of your device.

Q Can you repair equipment that are not represented by SPECTRAtech ?
A. SPECTRAtech is accredited technical department according to the quality management system with ISO 9001:2000. The adoption of receipt of a repair requires the completion of the repair request form (RMA Form) prior to shipment. Our technicians will respond if your device can be repaired by SPECTRAtech

Q. Can I repair my device the same day?
A. This is done in consultation with our technical department. Depending on the nature of the problem can be immediately repaired or otherwise, we order suitable replacement parts and when received, continue the process of repair.

Q: There is legislation, under a directive from the European Union, which gives me the right to claim a 2-year warranty
A. If you are referring to in Articles 554 and 555 of the Civil Code, are not related to warranty, but the time within which extinguished the right of purchasers to sue for actual faults (ie, manufacturing defects) or the absence of any owners of the products purchased. Thus in accordance with Article 554 of the Civil Code, the buyer is entitled in bringing proceedings against the seller actually citing flaws (or lack of agreed property) purchased the device within 2 years from delivery.

Q. If the device is out of warranty is it possible not have charge for the repair?
A. It is our policy of not charging repairs that have just passed the warranty period or have simple repairable damage.

Q. What is the average time of a repair?
A. The average time is 5-10 working days. In case of delay due to a non-disposable replacement technical department will inform the waiting time.

Q. Transfer to/from the service
A. If you wish to send your device for repair at the Center for Technical Support SPECTRAtech, we undertake the transport of charge (only in Attica). A Repair request form (RMA Form) needs to be completed.

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