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Digital promotion of the Archaeological Site of Aptera - EFA Chania

SPECTRAtech SA and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania are cooperating for the implementation of the sub-project "Actions for the digital promotion of the Archaeological Site of Aptera" within the framework of the project entitled "Digital actions for the promotion of the Archaeological Site of Aptera using state-of-the-art technologies".

The object of the specific contract is the implementation of a project that includes (a) work on the digital processing of material from the Archaeological Site of Aptera, (b) the creation of a Web Portal, (c) the implementation of digital browsing and viewing applications with augmented and virtual technologies reality, as well as educational applications in the archaeological site, (d) the supply and installation of electronic equipment for their operation, (e) the production of digital films (videos) and (f) the aerial photography of the monuments.

The archaeological site of Aptera is a unique site of cultural and scientific interest, which has received special prominence and recognition from the general public. The purpose of the project is to further highlight the archaeological site through a series of digital actions and activities, with the aim of promoting it, attracting visitors, but also promoting research results.

In particular, the individual objectives of the project are:
  • The documentation of the monuments that make up the ancient Aptera.
  • The safeguarding and preservation of the monumental wealth of ancient Aptera, through digital recording.
  • The promotion of the archaeological site, with digital means that respect the specificity of the site.
    The information of the visitors of the archaeological site, with new IT technologies that contribute to the creation of an enhanced and integrated experience of visiting the site.
  • The promotion of ancient Aptera as a tourist destination and the increase of its visitors, with means that respect its special cultural characteristics.
  • The digital connection of Aptera with the New Archaeological Museum of Chania.

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